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New Routines, new work colleagues, and new rules

My apologies, this blog is so overdue, it’s because I have a new position in a new company. What this has meant is the travel has become the new routine. Since my last visit to Phil I have taken on board all of his recommendations regarding new routines and being very aware of when I am not sticking to the program.

Since the last blog I have lost 2 kg. I know fantastic hey…Yay! That is because I just kept on the program and kept up with my appointments with Phil. It has meant that I have to be organized to a point, with supplements and such. But in terms of what I am eating it is just so easy.

For example, those of you who have been reading the blog will know that I am having fruit for breakfast. Well if I forget my breakfast then most places sell at the least an apple. On the days that I have been extremely busy in the new job I take a range of fruit, a raw food bar and some raw almonds (maybe Phil can explain why raw nuts and not cooked). I have placed these in bowls on my desk so that I can graze all day, so even if I don’t get a lunch break I am eating to the program. The nicest thing has been that those attending meetings with me have also grazed on the fruit and nuts too. I love this. Coming from an Irish background we were taught that food is sharing.

I also made the managerial decision to change the provided chocolate and plain biscuits, supplied by the company for morning and afternoon tea, to a healthier alternative such as rice crackers and hummus. The staff loved it, they said that they only ate the biscuits because they were puckish and they were there, some would touch them, but they all shared in the rice crackers and hummus.

Next week I am going to introduce a set time for afternoon tea, so that we all commune in the staff room together.

I had also had to change my visits with Phil, he has been so accommodating by meeting me at odd times so that we can have our session! Thanks Phil I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

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