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What happens before, during, and after a consultation....

1. Pre consultation:


After you make your appointment, we will ask you to complete a health questionnaire and a two day diet diary before your visit. These documents are available on this page. We ask that you send these completed documents to us the day before your consultation so that Philip can look over the questionnaire and food diary prior to your appointment. Please also send other health related tests carried out in the previous three years.
Please note the questionnaire and food diary forms may take up to an hour to complete.


2. During the consultation:


Philip will discuss your health issues, signs and symptoms, health history, medications, diet and lifestyle, stresses, and other factors that could affect your health. Subsequently, assessments appropriate to the client and their condition will be carried out. These may include: reflex testing, urine analysis, blood glucose, and physical examination. Finally, health goals will be established and management strategies discussed and decided.


3. Post consultation:


Within 24 hours a full HEALTH AND WELLNESS PLAN will be sent to you, summarising your health goals, and providing details on the agreed strategies, which may include comprehensive nutritional advice, appropriate use of herbs and supplements, lifestyle advice, short and long term strategies to achieve your goals, and a likely prognosis assuming full compliance. In some instances functional testing may be recommended. A complimentary review will follow seven days after the consultation by skype or phone to discuss progress.


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