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Devotion to education and practice...

Philip has been practicing and teaching naturopathy for 26 years. After suffering years of poor health, he visited a naturopath in 1990, and after several months of positive application rediscovered good health. In 1991 Philip went to naturopathic college, graduating in 1993. He began practicing in Takapuna, in 1994, and for the following six years ran a clinic and developed a healing retreat north of Auckland.


As an educator, Philip developed community education classes at three schools for several years before beginning to tutor at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in 1997. From 1999 to 2014 Philip managed the Naturopathy and Nutrition faculties at Wellpark College. In this role he managed the Naturopathy diploma until 2010, before developing and leading Wellpark's Bachelor of Naturopathy degree from 2010. He also introduced and developed the Nutrition diploma in 2004. During his time at Wellpark, Philip taught students a range of naturopathic and human science subjects including anatomy and physiology, nutritional biochemistry, clinical nutrition, and naturopathic philosophy.


In 2007 Philip’s book, Journeys Back to Health, was published. This book tells the stories of eight people who had recovered from serious disorders through nutrition, naturopathy, and other natural health approaches.


Today, Philip consults clients at 'Health Journeys' and teaches pathophysiology, biochemistry, and clinical practice at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.


Philip's philosophy is to seek out the cause of ill health for his clients, and develop personalized health and wellness plans with them.  



Philip Dowling

MA (Nutrition),BHSc (Health Science)

ND, Dip Med Herb

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