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Discover more about your unique physiology...

During a consultation it may be agreed that further external tests are warranted to provide more information on your current health. These tests are not necessarily required, but they are highly beneficial. They can significantly add value to the assessment of factors contributing to your health condition, and thereby will help give direction on how to improve it.


These tests require the client to collect samples in their home, and send them off to the relevant company. When the tests are received back, further recommendations on treatment may be recommended.


Stool analysis

Very useful for indicating the state of digestion, absorption, and bowel acidity, as well as the bacterial balance in your gut, and the presence of parasites.


Intestinal permeability

Many people have ‘leaky gut’, which may contribute to your health condition. This test measures the concentration of two sugars (lactulose and mannitol) in your urine that have been consumed prior to the test.


Saliva test

Cortisol, DHEA, and other hormones are well indicated in saliva. These tests can be useful in confirming adrenal fatigue, or where there are reproductive or endocrine imbalances affecting health.


Urine tests

Your ability to detoxifify is indicated by phase 1 and 2 metabolites from the liver that show up in urine. This is one of many urine tests, all of which indicate aspects of your metabolism.


Hair tests

Mineral status and levels of toxic metals are indicated in the hair.


Allergy tests

IgA, IgE and IgG are antibodies found in blood that indicate allergies and food sensitivities. These tests can show which foods you are sensitive to, and the antibody involved.

These tests are not a requirement, but may be recommended for some clients.

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