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Maria from Auckland: 10 kilo’s YASSSSS!

It’s taken much longer than I first expected but what has become my mantra these last 6 months and the reason I now know why it takes a long time, GUT MICROBIOME.

I get it now, as you have heard a few times. That’s the difference - slow weight loss whilst the gut goes through change.

There are the typical spring ads everywhere for “quick weight loss for the summer”, “drop those unwanted kilos for the beach” or “get that bikini bod in only 6 weeks” I think “well that weight aint gonna stay off for long”! If it comes off at all.

And I also think that anyone who does those fad diets does not understand gut health or their own individual health needs.

So many people that are acidic and inflammatory, from eating the wrong foods, now I see it, everywhere. I want to approach them, but then I know how it feels to be overweight and ashamed of the weight, rather than how I feel now and that is that the weight is the sign or symptom (and I’m not a nutritionist).

The difference in me is that I have done fad weight loss programs and now that I am on this program I can tell the difference not just in my weight, or my loose knickers! But in my general health and well-being.

The difference is that I have energy, even though my work life has become out of balance due to long hours and stress, I still have energy, I am still eating relatively well and I am still losing weight.

Thank you Phil your guidance, education, and support. It has been what has changed my thinking and eating behaviors.

10 Kilo’s feels great, here’s to the next 10!

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