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Winter Sniffles and Personal Triumphs

A really great session with Phil. I am celebrating a few personal triumphs.

According to Phil my reduction in appetite is a sign that my gut is healing. I was explaining that my appetite has reduced significantly and even when I get really hungry it doesn’t take much food to make me feel satisfied and full.

The great thing is that these results are showing on the scales, I have had a steady weight-loss over the last few sessions and have reached my first personal weight milestone. But more importantly other milestones such as those negative learned behaviors are still not back, even though I have had a cold.

On that note the cold that I caught from someone who had a bad bout has only got as far as my sinuses, so just a head cold. In the years where my health was really poor a head cold would almost always end up as a chest infection, on year I had pneumonia. But my immune system seems to be fighting off the bugs and while I have taken the odd lemsip or sinus tab I have also continued religiously on the program and followed through with Phil’s recommendations of lots of rest and Vitamin C.

We also talked about the old saying of feeding a cold and starving a fever, but I took Phil’s advice and ate light meals, broths and lots of fruit. The bugs are on their way out after only a few days. Yay another success.

My favourite drink at the moment: fresh ginger, fresh lemon juice and cinnamon in boiled water left to brew for 5 mins

My favourite food at the moment: homemade spicy pumpkin soup, secret ingredients: turmeric, mung dahl, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper or chilli as preferred (my own recipe, really good for colds I’m told)

Favourite breakfast: warmed sliced apple dusted with cinnamon and a dollop of coconut yogurt.

I am happy to share recipes if anyone is keen?

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