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Ancient wisdom

I just love ancient wisdom. An example that I often quote is from the ‘Charaka Samhita’, the oldest and most authoritative written material on Ayurveda. It concerns the value of exercise:

‘From physical exercise, one gets lightness, a capacity for work, firmness, tolerance of difficulties, elimination of impurities, and stimulation of digestion’.

All of this applies in 2016 as it did when it was written. I want to focus on one word and that is ‘lightness’. My interpretation of this is lightness of body mind and spirit. Ayurveda only encourages appropriate exercise for the individual and those who exercise often will be familiar with that light feeling when troubles melt away and emotions are eased.

Lightness of body is also a physical feeling at the time of exercise, but may also refer to a long term process of a lighter body. There is ample evidence that for those wishing to lose weight this could be an important part of the overall picture.

My own perspective is that this is one of the seven essentials of weight management. I will be discussing exercise and the other six essentials in my upcoming seminar on June 13.

If you want more information you can find it on Health Journeys facebook page or or this website.

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