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9kgs down, but sleep an issue...

It has been quite a few weeks since my last blog, this has been a very busy time with work.

I have noticed that by the third week the extra workload has started to take its toll on my sleeping patterns. I am either falling into bed at 8pm and sleeping until 6am or not getting much sleep at all. So my consultation with Philip this week was about focusing on normalizing sleep patterns.

On his advice I’m going to get some herbs and bach flowers tomorrow to get some support as I respond very well to herbal medicine.

Phil also recommended a foot massage before bed, other things that might work for me are a warm shower or bath before bed with a camomile tea and a book, then I am out cold!

In amongst all of the busy-ness I have had a weigh in and have now lost 9 kilos which feels great.

I have to say that during the busy times when it is easy to reach for unhealthy foods I haven’t as much as I would have expected.

When you have done a 9-hour day a few says in a row, it’s so easy to pop into the take-away on the way home.

In fact, the amount lost has kept me going and spurred me on to keep on a positive track. When I have had the odd naughty something to eat it hasn’t really affected my health, or gut.

I’m still taking my supplements which has kept my general health up. I haven’t had any major winter illnesses this year.

So now that the busy period has settled at work I will do some self-care stuff, a good massage is top of the list!

I will weigh in again this week and hopefully I will have lost 10 kilos, but still feeling really good about the 9 kgs that have gone, YAY. Thanks Phil for all of the support and help.

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