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New clothes needed

It's been a busy time again, so much so that I haven't got to weigh in this week.

My first time of missing a session with Phil and I have missed touching base. I find the regular contact is great, I can talk through what is going on for me and get guidance and support. In the past I have relied on friends and of course they have their own experiences and perceptions which isn't already right for everyone, because as Phil has taught me everybody's body is different. I so get that now. And because I have a professional to talk to who gets my body, so to speak, I don't even talk to any one else for support I just know I can call and get the right advice for me and my individual needs.

So at this point I don't know if I have lost any weight, but my clothes are hanging off me. I have gone down a whole dress size. I keep picking up the size only to have to go back and get the smaller size. It's great!

Another blog in a few days to let you know the update on the weigh in.

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