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Seven essentials of weight management

For those of you who have been following Maria’s blog in the past three months you will see that the process of gaining health, whilst losing weight can be challenging, yet in a good way! But rewards favor those who persist. Maria is now much healthier than she was and has lost 5.5kgs in the process. How has this been achieved? Well, it is no different for her than anyone else, but it is not a strict adherence to a specific diet. In summary it involves following certain guidelines on diet and exercise, whilst adopting a healthy attitude to all aspects of life…yes, it is that simple!

After years of studying both the theory and practice of weight management, I feel there are seven ‘essentials’ that people must consider to achieve both good health and appropriate weight management. These essentials involve consideration of macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and several other factors that are less often considered, but are part of the big picture.

Maria has incorporated aspects of all of these in her process. However, whilst the essentials are the same for all of us, the dietary approach is quite unique. For example breakfast considerations change very much from person to person.

Individuality is the key!

Next month (June 13) I will be running a seminar on this topic, which I will be promoting later in the week. I will be covering each of the seven essentials in detail describing their importance in weight management and how to incorporate the necessary changes.

Watch this space…

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