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Listing the benefits so far...

It’s well in now and I am still sticking to the program and feeling great. Two things I have never experience before on any other program.

I feel that the changes to my diet and lifestyle have now become permanent simply because they are easy to follow and fit my lifestyle and me.

In discussing this with Phil he explained that the Naturopathic approach is completely individualized, looking at what diet and lifestyle is right for each individual rather than a one glove fits all approach.

Which is why when a friend has success with a program we shouldn’t necessarily think it is going to work for you.

Changes that have become permanent include:

1. What I am eating and choosing to eat, even when busy or traveling.

2. Exercise every day mostly because I have the energy now that I didn’t used to have.

3. Regular and consistent fluid intake.

Even with starting a new job that requires me to travel, several changes have occurred that are ongoing:

1. Feeling better than I have in years.

2. Increased energy levels.

3. Regular, frequent bowel movements.

4. Better sleep, so longer sleep patterns and better quality sleep, less waking during the night.

There is so much more, but the general feeling now of being well rather than unwell and resigning myself to the fact that I am aging. I feel better than I felt 10 years ago!

Oh, and of course there’s the other positive side effect to all of this; the continued weight loss and another kilo, which means over 6 kilos from the outset, around one full stone! .

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