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Maria's Journey: Four-week follow-up

Water, water everywhere… oh boy four weeks in and I’m still forgetting to drink water, then later in the day I am drinking heaps to make up for the morning. Ok, the positives re water; if we forget our water bottles we are buying water instead of coconut water or other ‘health’ drinks. I am also drinking water on waking. So I am filling my water bottle and drinking from it as soon as I wake. Gosh, it’s so easy to beat ourselves up and look at what we are not doing rather than looking at what we are doing!

Another challenge is how busy life has gotten, particularly in the mornings since school has re-started. The other day while chatting to a friend on the phone I realised it was 10.30 am and I had not yet had my fruit or supplements. My friend asked if I had fed my daughter and gotten her to school, “of course” was my reply. Then she asked if I had fed and walked the dog, “absolutely” and done a machine-load of washing! Then she asked, “what about me” … yep, ok got the message, thank you. It is so easy to get caught up looking after everyone else’s needs that we miss our own. So we (family) have re thought the morning routine and put things into place for me.

My sleep patterns are still disrupted so I am really looking forward to the reflexology with Phil.

In the last two weeks I have been on a bit of a journey with yogurt. Having a dairy intolerance meant that I had to stop eating yogurt, which I really miss. After leaving Phil I went straight to the supermarket and found a coconut yogurt, which was surprisingly very delicious. I have made my own yogurt in the past, a quick email to Phil confirmed I can make my own coconut yogurt and it is very simple. So I experimented with a couple of recipes and have found the simplest actually tastes the best – one can of coconut cream (for a thicker yogurt) to one capsule of multi flora. Leave in cupboard or oven (with light on) overnight and voila yummy coconut yogurt.

My reflexology was so needed. There were a few sore spots but nothing Phil didn’t suspect, mostly the digestive system and neck and shoulders, so need to book a good massage. Again Phil was very happy with my progress, however he did spot that I was carrying a bit of fluid retention so recommended I drink green tea for its antioxidants and weight loss support. Even though I was carrying fluid there was still a one kilo loss…great :)

Maria from Auckland

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