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Maria's Journey: Lightbulb moments

So I got the munchies on Monday afternoon whilst working (downside to working from home), I hadn’t been shopping yet, and all I could find in the fridge was an organic carrot. Really unimpressed I phoned a friend. It was a good move, my friend suggested that I always keep an avocado and some hummus in the fridge, that way I can flavor up the carrot…great tip!

I’m so glad that I went along to Phil’s seminar as a few light bulbs went on. It was quite a technical seminar about the balance of gut bacteria, but Phil was great at putting the technical terms all into simple language. What I completely understand now is; how good gut bacteria help to maintain a healthy weight (ping!), how eating the foods he has suggested, for me, are going to be good at balancing the bacteria (ping ping!), and the most important thing I took away was that it takes time to “repopulate” the gut, that’s why this process is slow and therefore why a healthy weight loss has to be slow (ping, ping, ping!!!).

Lost just over 1.4 kilos in my last visit to Phil, yay!

I have also started the free Deepak and Oprah meditation series that started this week it’s called “Shedding the weight, mind body and spirit”. It’s been very good at making me look at what burdens and ‘stuff’ I’m carrying unnecessarily. It goes along with what Dr Wayne Dyer said in his seminar just before he passed “I am light”, his daughter sang the song by Indie Arie “I am light”, which is the perfect affirmation in song.

“I am light, I am light”

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