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Seventh Principle: Appropriate Exercise

Read below on what I wrote about principle seven, ‘Appropriate Exercise’ in 'Journeys Back to Health’ in 2006, and the update for 2016:

We all know that exercise is good for us, don’t we? For those who exercise regularly I believe it can keep illness at bay, more so if it has aspects of strengthening, stamina and suppleness, and is enjoyable as well! However it is important for exercise to be appropriate for an individual, and this is especially the case where there is a health disorder.

In general, our subjects have kept their exercise minimal, but still done something on a regular basis. In each case what has been chosen has been just right. At the other extreme, Robert was happy with easy walking, and for him and perhaps John this was quite enough. Violet goes to the gym and takes long walks, and this has helped her enormously, possibly being a key factor in her continued good health. Glenn continues to ignore advice given to him in his twenties not to exercise, and does as he pleases.

When energy is low exercise is not easy, but where there is some energy it is to be encouraged. I believe the biggest gain for heath conditions is in supplying cells with added oxygen, and this together with good nutrition allows the energy packs of the cells (mitochondria) to be built up, allowing more ATP (potential energy) to be stored and then utilised (kinetic energy) by our cells. Provided our antioxidant nutrients are protecting our cells, the added value of the extra ATP might allow for new cells to be produced that are healthier than the old ones.

Those were my brief thoughts in 2006 in ‘Journeys Back to Health’. In 2016 there is so much recent research around exercise and health and more public awareness. I would be happy to write or talk on this topic in great detail, but will just give a summary here:

High intensity interval training is now considered by many to be the best overall strategy for good health. However, evidence does show that anaerobic weight bearing exercise in the evening can assist for sleeping conditions, whilst aerobic (using oxygen) can assist with neurogenesis (neuron development), which may help with memory, and the prevention of associated conditions. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are also conditions where appropriate exercise recommendations are 100% necessary and very effective.

Every client I see will get some guidance on exercise that is appropriate for them and their condition.

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