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Maria's journey: looking for the 'perfect poo'

My last session with Phil revealed that I have lost another 1.3 kilo’s – YAY! The weight seems to be steadily coming down now and my health is just getting better and better. There are three noticeable changes:

  1. Perfect poos, this seems to be any Naturopath or Nutritionist’s favourite subject, as a result of Phil’s seminar on gut microbiome. Now I know why.I had always heard that a healthy bowel empties two to three times a day. After being so sick, as described in my first blog, I achieved regular movement once a day and was very happy with that, but now I have three movements a day, that are have healthy consistency, good colour and DO NOT SMELL!!!This video recommended by Phil is an excellent light hearted look at the perfect poo:

2. The quality of my sleep has improved so much and if I do have a bit more energy in the evening or early in the morning I just go with it and do a nice meditation or read a book, so I get extra ME time.

3. Yep, I’m still drinking my water

Phil said that I was doing so well that I almost don’t need him anymore, but I strongly feel that a large part of my success is knowing that every two weeks I will have a check-up, I feel that that therapeutic relationship is so important and one that I have not had before when losing weight. I have been to the odd weight-watchers meeting, but that never felt right to me. I would usually end up going it alone. But this is so different as is the whole approach to wellness, I actually don’t feel like I am on a weight-loss program, more of a gaining health and general wellbeing programme. Children need to be taught this way towards their health in schools. So a big thank you to Phil, and no you are not getting rid of me just yet

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