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Maria's journey: 6 weeks - all about health and wellness

Six weeks in, wow I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Similar challenges to the last blog in terms of busy-ness and time, mostly the busy mornings but I am just loving the fruit in the mornings I can grab a few pieces of fruit and have them throughout the morning if I get hungry, so simple and delicious. Water is still a challenge but drinking lots of green tea.

Since my reflexology session with Phil I have been sleeping so well. I’m getting the wave of sleep at about 10, 10.30 pm and going with it. I also haven’t been waking during the night or early in the morning. I have also noticed that I am less ‘puffy’ in my fingers and ankles so seem to be carrying less fluid, which is great even that makes you fell lighter.

I am generally feeling so much better and have more energy but just today the day before I ‘weigh-in’ I’m feeling a bit sluggish in the digestive system and have started retaining fluid again which may be the monthly cycle coming around again. I find that when I am due to menstruate I can easily gain 2-3 kilos, digestive system gets sluggish and my body starts to retain fluid… so that could be it.

Yep, weigh in showed a small gain .4 of a kilo but you know because I am feeling so much better I’m not actually focusing on the weight. Over the last few weeks Phil has helped me shift my attention to how I feel, focusing on health and wellness rather than weight, so my mind-set now is that any weight loss is a positive side effect of this new healthy way of living and eating.

The blog is really helping me reflect and that is giving me that self-awareness that maybe I haven’t had before going into a programme. I would recommend journaling to others as even reading back over the last few weeks I can see the positive changes and how what seemed like challenges were only temporary moments of weakness…apart from water!

Maria from Auckland

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