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The Seven Principles

‘Positive beliefs and attitude'

The first of the seven principles to turn your health around revolves around your attitudes and beliefs. Following is an extract from my book ‘Journeys Back to health’ written in 2006, and an additional comment at the end with my current view:

'In Violet’s story, I made the comment that I can often see who is likely to get well by the belief pattern displayed by the client. Frankly, some people do not believe they will get well, and this alone will hold them back greatly. Alternatively, others leave with a feeling that if they just make the necessary changes something positive will happen. These people often make excellent progress. With Violet I was certain she would not take the common path with MS, and if there was to be any deterioration it would be very slow. This has proved to be true!

Looking at the subjects, for each there was always a strong belief in wellness behind their progress. After thirty years of illness John was entitled to give up, but for him a nutritional approach seemed a good option, and he believed it could work. Robert was told he could die, but with all his research he believed he could live. Victoria believed she could conquer Crohn’s through raw foods and creative pursuits, and continues to do so! Check on them all, and the same story comes through.

I am not clear as to why our beliefs make such a difference, but the whole field of mind/body medicine has more questions than answers. The expression ‘believing is seeing ’is one that I like, as it applies so well to the healing process. It works like this: our belief patterns affect our nervous systems initially, and then affect our immune systems in time. Eventually we see a stronger immune system, and our bodies can heal. Interestingly, there is a branch of medicine called Psychoneuroimmunology that reflects this process exactly, and is currently drawing huge attention worldwide.

Until recently, mind/body medicine was viewed with suspicion, but it is now much more accepted since the discovery and development of psychoneuroimmunology. The word literally reflects the mind (psycho) affecting the nervous system (neuro) affecting the immune system (immunology). When you truly believe you will get well it is easy to be positive about life and expectations. The stories clearly demonstrate how a positive mental attitude that is sustained and supported by a strong belief will create a positive outcome.’

Ten years later my views are still the same. Since 2006 books like ‘Biology of belief’ have come out outlining the epigenetic processes that influence cells through our core beliefs. I continue to see people who are positive about changes to their lives get improved health, whilst those who are not make little progress, if any.

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