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Maria's Journey: Two week follow-up

Pre 1st follow-up with Phil and I feel heaps better, improved energy, I have stuck to the programme really well and because my daughter has seen how motivated I have been she has joined in, although not as religiously. One challenge has been water intake, so while I have increased my water intake to about 1.5 litres a day I’m still quite not getting the required 2 litres.

My sleep patterns have been a little disrupted, some nights I can’t get to sleep and other nights I wake. It’s hard to know if it is the humidity and heat or increased energy, so I will chat to Phil about this. My approach to the first follow-up is that I am so happy with the how I feel any weight-loss, if any, will be a bonus. I am aware that you can gain weight after making significant changes nutritionally so I won’t be disappointed if that happens. I have so much more energy that everything feels easier and therefore I am enjoying life more.

My visit with Phil was interesting I thought I had incorporated all of his suggestions but it appeared I completely missed one …fish oils, huh, I would never have seen it if I had not gone back to see Phil. He was really pleased with the progress and has suggested increasing fermented foods for the natural probiotics, and nutrients. Phil also suggested giving up soy milk as some people can be sensitive to it, so I will try almond or coconut. I only drink soy in my early morning coffee because of the dairy intolerance, so will try almond or coconut. Phil also suggested a flat white rather than a latte as it contains less milk. We discussed the sleeping patterns, next visit Phil is going to give me a reflexology treatment as this will help all-round to rebalance the systems of the body and give Phil an indication of what is going on.

Oh and I lost one and a half kilos…yay!

Maria from Auckland

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