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‘Health Journeys’ Philip Dowling (Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath) can help you back to health because… 

  • Experience counts…Philip has over 26 years helping people get well! In handling health issues there is no substitute for experience!

  • Journeys Back to Health’… his 2007 book demonstrates true stories of renewed health through naturopathy and nutrition

  • Gut specialist...known throughout New Zealand as an expert in gastrointestinal health and how it relates to general health issues 

Book before the end of 2020 and receive a free copy of Philip’s book ‘Journeys Back to Health'

Contact Philip today at for more information

 Auckland | |+64 27 274 4038

Be inspired to get well. This book will give you ideas of how you can. The stories are all remarkable and demonstrate what can be done...


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